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Rado, the watch assembling organization, is situated in Switzerland. It is a piece of the Swatch Group of Watches, an extremely solid brand in itself in the watch business. Acclaimed for their style, plan and contemporary looks, Rado timepieces contrast a great deal from the conventional Swiss watch producers. The distinctive factor is that the watches delivered by Rado are creative and utilize cutting edge materials in particular structures. They are comprised of various materials like earthenware production, sapphire precious stone, lanthanum, tungsten-carbide and titanium-carbide. The sticker price of the watches relies upon the materials utilized and the model of the watch. used rado watches.

The extravagance brand has won numerous awards to its name. The brand presented the world's first historically speaking scratch-verification watch in 1962 called the Rado Diastar. In excess of 20 lofty International Awards have been presented on this extravagance brand which incorporates the respectable Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award. As of late, the brand likewise packed away an honor for its creative watch box that takes after the state of a human wrist. This plan was made in a joint effort with Jasper Morrison. Be that as it may, the one which connected this brand name to creator watches was the "Great Designer Award" in 2002 in Chicago and a similar honor was won again in 2005 in Japan. In 2004 Rado understood its vision when it presented the V10K. The V10K is covered with cutting edge precious stones, which makes it the hardest watch on earth. This accomplishment has additionally been perceived by the Guinness Book of World Records.
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